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ComplyTrain Trains Optus Bank on DEI Foundations

In the ever-evolving landscape of the corporate world, one thing remains constant—the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Companies worldwide are recognizing that fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace isn't just a moral imperative; it's also a strategic advantage. Optus Bank, a leading financial institution, recently took a significant step in this direction by partnering with ComplyTrain to provide DEI Foundations training to all its employees and leaders.

The Drive for Inclusivity at Optus Bank

Optus Bank, known for its commitment to serving diverse communities and fostering economic growth, sought to strengthen its DEI efforts. They recognized that achieving workplace inclusivity required a comprehensive strategy. That's where ComplyTrain, a trusted leader in compliance and diversity training solutions, came into the picture.

The ComplyTrain Approach

ComplyTrain is renowned for its tailor-made training programs that align with the unique needs and values of each organization it partners with. For Optus Bank, Renee Barnes of ComplyTrain devised a multifaceted approach to elevate DEI awareness, understanding, and action throughout the organization.

DEI Foundations for All

The heart of this initiative was the DEI Foundations training program. ComplyTrain designed two distinct sessions—one for employees and another for leaders—ensuring that everyone within the organization was equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to advance DEI principles.

Employee Empowerment

The employee-focused session aimed to engage, educate, and empower Optus Bank's diverse workforce. Covering topics like unconscious bias, allyship, inclusive communication, and cultural competence, this training was a comprehensive dive into the foundations of DEI. Through interactive discussions, real-world case studies, and practical scenarios, employees gained a deeper understanding of the role they play in fostering a more inclusive workplace.

Leadership Commitment

ComplyTrain understands that leadership sets the tone for an organization's culture. That's why they tailored a specialized session for Optus Bank's leaders. This training delved into leadership's role in championing DEI initiatives, providing strategies for driving cultural change, and showcasing how DEI positively impacts business outcomes. It empowered leaders to lead by example, fostering a culture of inclusion from the top down.

Impactful Results

The results of this partnership between Optus Bank and ComplyTrain were nothing short of transformative. Participants left the sessions with a renewed commitment to DEI, armed with actionable insights and strategies to implement within their respective roles. The ripple effect of this training was felt across the organization, as employees and leaders embraced the power of inclusivity.

A Commitment to Ongoing Progress

The journey to a more inclusive workplace doesn't end with a training session—it's an ongoing commitment. Optus Bank and ComplyTrain understand this well. They plan to continue working together, ensuring that DEI remains a focal point of the organization's culture and operations. This partnership exemplifies their dedication to making a lasting impact.

In Conclusion

The partnership between Optus Bank and ComplyTrain serves as a shining example of how organizations can proactively address DEI challenges and seize opportunities for growth. By prioritizing education, awareness, and action, they've set a powerful precedent for the future—a future where inclusivity isn't just a goal but a lived reality for all.

As businesses worldwide continue to embrace DEI as a core value, partnerships like these remind us that positive change is not only achievable but also essential for a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow.

If you attended the session, claim your free DEI guide today.

About Us:

In addtion to DEI training, ComplyTrain offers:

1. Building an Effective DEI Strategy

2. Creating a DEI Council

3. Building ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)

4. Facilitating Listening Circles and Focus Groups

5. Hosting Town Halls

6. Launching DEI Surveys

7. Customized DEI Training

8. Inclusive Recruitment and Hiring

9. Diversity Recruitment Strategy

10. Leadership Development

11. Inclusive Policies and Procedures

12. Supplier Diversity Programs

13. Cultural Competency Workshops

14. Accessibility Audits

15. DEI Metrics and Reporting

16. DEI Communication Strategy

17. Conflict Resolution and Mediation

18. Diversity Awards and Recognition

19. DEI Workshops for ERGs

20. DEI Audits and Assessments

21. DEI Coaching for Executives

22. Community Engagement

23. Inclusive Product or Service Design

24. Global DEI Strategy

25. DEI Benchmarking

26. DEI Workshop Facilitation

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