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Employee Compliance Training Impacts Everyone

From the CEO/Founder to each and every employee, providing employee compliance training is truly essential to any sized company.

Benefits of Employee Compliance Training

Compliance training helps teach employees about important EEOC regulations and the overall company safety standards. You need this training, in addition to your HR policies and procedures, because it can minimize risks legal problems that may arise from a misstep taken by an employee.

The Risks are Enormous

With issues like Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment getting massive attention right now – your company can’t afford to put your head in the sand. Did you know, 6 out of 10 companies have faced an employee lawsuit in the last 5 years?

And startups, and small businesses are the most vulnerable because they usually lack a legal department or employee handbook with the right policies and procedures. Did you also know that 67% of employment cases that go to court result in a judgement for the plaintiff.

Not handling employee issues is a huge risk!

The EEOC fine for a small business is up to $50K, plus the average judgement in a court of law is $220K plus legal fees. Not only that, 25% of cases result in judgements of more than $500K!

These damages are multiplied when you add in reduction in productivity, negative publicity, high turnover, civil lawsuits, penalties, and punitive damages. Your company will never be the same.

ComplyTrain provides the necessary employee compliance training you need to stay ahead of these major issues.

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