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Online Sexual Harassment Training without the "Fluff"

Shopping for online Sexual Harassment Training? It's a convenient option - but there are a few drawbacks to look out for.

Tip: Lookout for online sexual harassment courses designed with wordy definitions or unrealistic role plays.

Yes, the sexual harassment training is online, which makes it convenient. But make sure it's also applicable, interesting, and concise to your learners.

Here's how...

  1. Make the course mobile-friendly. Long gone are the times where online training contained long, media heavy video. The course should be easy to follow and mobile-ready.

  2. Give the learners many chances to interact. No matter how much role plays adn videos you use, online courses get extremely boring if all the learner is doing is sitting at watching the course "play" itself. A good online sexual harassment course allows learners to read, interact, and answer questions - without having to sit and watch hours of media.

  3. Use role plays that are real-world. The video above is a comical example of many role plays you see in online sexual harassment training. Role plays can be powerful in training, as long as they are as realistic as possible (aka, not cheesy!).

ComplyTrain's online sexual harassment course meets these standards and much more. Request a free demo today.


Easy to consume

The ComplyTrain Employee Discrimination and Harassment Prevention training is a completely online solution, providing sexual harassment training at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

This training is comprehensive, includes assessments, quizzes, and much more.

We also use our software to track and report each employee's training completions, making it easy to prove your employees were trained.

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